Elevate your pet's comfort and your bonding experiences with the CoolBuddy. This remarkable pet bed goes beyond the ordinary, offering advanced cooling comfort to keep your pet cool and relaxed, a plush and supportive design for ultimate comfort, proven irritation and anxiety relief, and effortless style with zero installation hassles – all in one neat package. Experience the CoolBuddy advantage and take your pet's comfort and well-being to the next level.

  • Sarah J.

    I had no idea dogs would like this, but my sweet girl is always in her CoolBuddy, especially now that the weather is warmer. Because I keep the house cool due to hot flashes, she stays comfortable and cool in her CoolBuddy! It's very well crafted and has been through the mega washer twice without even a pill! Very happy with this purchase!

  • Michael A.

    I was looking for a bed for my cat who likes to burrow into blankets. I wasn't sure if she would understand how to use the CoolBuddy, but she figured it out and LOVES it. The size fits her perfectly, and she's 11.5 lbs and medium-sized. She stays cool and relaxed, even in the warmer weather. I was considering getting another bed for hot weather, but she's still happily tucked in now that it's warming up!

  • Emily R.

    Our aging dog was having trouble staying cool and comfortable due to arthritis and the heat. We decided to try the CoolBuddy, and it's made a noticeable difference. He now enjoys a good night's sleep without overheating or irritation. While it hasn't completely solved his joint issues, it has definitely provided some relief and keeps him cool and calm.